A game for sharing with kids

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A game for sharing with kids
Game coming soon on all platforms!
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20 fun educational games with three game-play modes – great for the whole family!

Single-player mode

Family multiplayer mode

Playing cards, no device!

Application games
Vite, filtre les microbes avec tes amis!

Hunt down the bad viruses attacking this ear drum!

Launch antibodies to avoid otitis, hunt allergens to prevent asthma, get rid of the cold, flu or mono viruses!

Scan and find nasty caries!

Scanner games for detecting caries as well as twists, fractures, and eczema or psoriasis rashes. Play doctor-in-training and understand the human body a little better.

Vite, filtre les microbes avec tes amis!
Vite, filtre les microbes avec tes amis!

Are you a keen observer? Do you have a good memory?

You’ll need both to be a Super Dr.!

Alzheimer’s, chickenpox, meningitis, food allergies… Your memory is your friend! Children and adults are going to get hooked – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

...and much more!

20 funny and educational games to discover with family or friends.

For kids, parents and grandparents!

A MULTIPLAYER mode, like a board game, that gets the family together for funny, instructive and intuitive games. There’s no need for any experience with video games – Li’lDoc has been designed especially for families. Who will be the Super Dr.?

Mutliplayer on iPad
App features

Who wants to be a “Super Dr.”?

Enter the office of Li'lDoc and discover a series of funny and entertaining games for solo or family play, and even a card game you can play in the schoolyard!

Solo mode: unlock the highest level and use your Super Dr. talents! Three levels per game and 20 mini-games. Show your stuff!

Multiplayer mode: parents and kids together on the same device! Up to 4 players.

Playing cards: uses cards to be downloaded and printed at home. Without a device, play with Geeko anywhere and keep getting to know the illnesses covered in the series and game.

It’s entertaining for children and helpful for parents!

Continue the adventure in the schoolyard

Discover the 2 Li'lDoc card games!

You can play anywhere, no device needed, and it’s just as fun and instructive!

For 2 to 4 players!


1 game for young children! (6-9)

1 game for older kids! (9-12)


1 - Download

2 - Print

3 - Play!


Cards available soon.

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