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An entertaining world, a funny and adorable duo to explain illnesses and learn how to avoid them!

A series and an app that will make you and your kids “the doctor”!


Tidoc and Tifou

Li'lDoc's prescription

A spoonful of humour
A few drops of clear explanation
A dose of recognized medical partners
20 stimulating game capsules
An injection of advice to be shared

What the experts say about LI'LDOC

"Children like to understand. The visuals and explanations provided by Tifou and TiDoc’ are perfect for their needs, putting words to phenomena that are not always easy to explain."

Dr. Caroline Quach
Dr. Caroline Quach
Pediatrician, microbiologist and epidemiologist specializing in infectious diseases

"The TiDoc’ series will certainly be a useful resource for parents and doctors. [...] These capsules are sure to pique children’s curiosity and inspire them to ask the right questions."

Linda Moussakova
Linda Moussakova
Professor, scientist specializing in human anatomy

Content endorsed by the medical community

Helping you discuss even the most taboo health issues with your children.

In Li'lDoc, the medical content has been designed and verified by a scientific committee of health and pediatrics experts using a multi-step process.

Approved by MD

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