Explaining health with an educational cartoon

A series that explains diseases to children!

Created in Quebec, Ask Li’lDoc is a children’s television program available online in over 150 countries. Each short episode popularizes a disease or pathology (chickenpox, tuberculosis, appendicitis, ADHD, etc.), its symptoms, and how it affects the body*.

Ask Li’lDoc is fun for the whole family–the little ones and the parents! The content has been verified by medical experts and complies with Health Canada’s guidelines. You want to know more? Check out our factsheets on the 52 pathologies covered in the episodes.

* Always consult a healthcare professional when symptoms appear.

Dessin animé TiDoc' - Famille devant la télévision

Explaining health to children

Li’lDoc is much more than just a cartoon. It’s a mission to:
EDUCATE with certified medical information validated by a scientific committee,
REASSURE children and their parents about various health problems,
PROMOTE healthy lifestyle habits,
INSPIRE children about science and medical professions.

Extracts from our episodes


Li’lDoc and Geeko explain how a disorder in the brain can mix up the letters we read and make them difficult to read.


Li’lDoc and Geeko tell us about the digestive system mechanisms and the unpleasant effects when it goes haywire.


Li’lDoc and Geeko make your child aware of the causes of depression, a pathology that can leave too much room for sadness and fatigue.

Alzheimer’s disease

Li’lDoc and Geeko help us understand how poor communication between neurons can cause memories to disappear.


Li’lDoc explains how otitis develops and, above all, how to avoid it … while Geeko plays deaf.

The autism spectrum

Li’lDoc and Geeko show us what happens when our brains are overwhelmed by a surfeit of information sent simultaneously by our bodies.

Li'lDoc is available in over150 countries
all over the world

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Their opinions on the Li’lDoc series

Expert testimonial

"Li’lDoc series will serve as a resource for parents and doctors alike. (…) The capsules will arouse children’s curiosity and encourage them to question the people around them. "

Linda Moussakova
Professor and scientist, a specialist in human anatomy.

A parent’s testimonial

“A great discovery for talking to the little ones about illnesses, significant aches, and pains. The content is both relevant and fun. Our little boy loves it and goes on to explain where his otitis comes from. 😉A real nugget to help children understand their health, and a cartoon that’s just as reassuring for children as it is for parents!”

Mom of a 6-year-old boy

How did the Li'lDoc children's program come about?