What is Li'lDoc?

Meet the series’ creative team.

Who are we?

Gala PROD, producer and popularizer

Gala Prod is the team behind the children’s cartoon Li’lDoc. Over the years, we’ve developed expertise in popularizing science and technology through our network of health, science, and technology experts.

Our mission

At a time when electronic devices and content are multiplying at a frantic pace, GALA PROD produces informative programs and documentaries to educate people about scientific phenomena (technical and human sciences). We favour a popular and dynamic editorial angle to make complex issues accessible to as many viewers as possible.

Why Li'lDoc?

Explaining health issues in a simple way to reassure and inspire.

Two observations inspired the creation of Li’lDoc.


  1. When we understand health problems, we usually experience less anxiety toward illnesses, which can otherwise be very anxiety-provoking for our children. When we better understand the causes of an illness, its symptoms, and how to prevent or cure it, we immediately feel more confident.


  1. In many countries, the shortage of medical staff is a significant public health issue. Through the inspiring and caring experience the Li’lDoc character offers, our series aims to attract new talent to the medical profession.

The series’ endearing duo

Li’lDoc, a caring young doctor

A friend to children, Li’lDoc explains illnesses and their symptoms in simple terms.


She’s never without her chameleon assistant, Geeko, who always makes her laugh!

Geeko, the wacky assistant

A hypochondriac chameleon, he helps Li’lDoc with her demonstrations.


He’s also very funny and likes to joke around and get into mischief.