Why this project?

Do you know how to make a child understand:

  • Otitis?
  • Gastroenteritis?
  • Alzheimer’s disease?

…by giving your children the right information and explaining how they work and why? That’s Li'lDoc in a nutshell! An educational world designed to inform children properly and support parents, while being entertaining for all.

Do you have health questions?

We have answers on 52 different pathologies!

Ask Li'lDoc!

Explore the 52 pathologies

Health Reference

The medical content in Li'lDoc was designed and verified in several steps by a scientific committee of health and pediatrics experts.

  • Health Canada
  • Quach

A TV show designed and approved by pediatrics experts

Approved by MD

The approach

  • We create meaningful content designed to answer some of the questions you might have!
  • We invite you not only to see but to interact with our content, because interaction promotes information retention.
  • With Li'lDoc you will have a true game to play with your kids. It’s funny and entertaining, and it extends the show’s mission by getting you to play a game about health issues.

Our team and main partners

Philippe Régnoux

Philippe Régnoux is the father of Li'lDoc.

An audio-visual designer and producer since 2007, Philippe had the idea for and started developing this series in 2014, when his 7-year-old nephew asked him a health question that he couldn’t answer.

With a binder full of character sketches and some rough outlines for scripts, Philippe patiently developed the project and convinced partners to come on board one by one, trusting him to bring this unique and original series to life.

A Canadian originally from France, Philippe has developed expertise in producing content that popularizes scientific and technical material. He loves educational projects with a sense of humour that deliver the educational message.

Emmanuel Cesario

Emmanuel Cesario joined Philippe and the project as a marketing adviser. A recognized expert in content creation combining multiplatform strategies, branding and creative digital solutions, he helped get the project a marketing plan. On Li'lDoc he helped create the brand universe and key positioning elements, and designed the digital experience around the values, play issues and off-screen experience opportunities associated with the content. He is involved in production for the digital components, and marketing – he is the project’s keeper of experience and positioning.

Sandrine Pechels de Saint Sardos

Sandrine is the godmother of Li'lDoc. Without her, the series would not have been possible. When Philippe approached her with his idea, she was in charge of content at TFO (Ontario French-language educational television). She immediately saw the project’s potential and brought the broadcaster aboard as a co-producer. Sandrine is an experienced Canadian television executive known for her strong instincts. She was behind the success of major television projects like Casper and George of the Jungle, as both a head of TV programming and a distributor.  

Mélissa Veilleux

French-language television in Quebec, known for her effective and disarmingly natural dialogue on a wide variety of topics. For the Li'lDoc series, she took on the major challenge of using funny, memorable stories to deliver plain-language explanations of 52 health problems in two-and-a-half minutes each.


Tonic DNA is an Oscar®-winning international production company based in Montreal. The company produces advertisements, television series, short films and feature films for clients around the world. They developed all the visuals and animations for the first season of the series.


iLLOGIKA is a Montreal-based studio founded in 2009 by gaming and mobile app professionals. iLLOGIKA is known for its multi-platform development work, the wide variety of projects it develops, and its use of innovative technologies. For the Li'lDoc project, the company developed the technological architecture for the game app. Their passion and commitment made it possible to optimize our production goals.

Vibe Avenue

This Montreal-based studio specializes in music and audio for visual media created all the sounds and music for the series. The team is made up of passionate sound design professionals who focus on games and video content. For Li'lDoc, their mandate was to create the audio environment for both the TV series and the video game. Their work is largely responsible for the amazingly consistent world of Li'lDoc.   


TELUS Fund is a not-for-profit corporation, certified by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as a Canadian Independent Production Fund eligible to administer contributions from TELUS Communications Company (TCC) in support of Canadian content. The Fund’s mandate is well-aligned to important priorities at TCC which include leveraging their leading technology to connect Canadians, support local communities, protect the planet, and transform health. Since launching in 2013, TCC has contributed over $44M to the TELUS Fund. 


Founded in 1999, the Quebecor Fund’s mission is to support the development, production, marketing and exportation of high-quality content, as well as its distribution on various platforms. The Quebecor Fund was created through Videotron Ltd., which provides over seven million dollars annually in broadcasting distribution undertaking contributions to the Canadian industry.


The Shaw Rocket Fund is a non-profit organization that funds both English and French Canadian children's television and digital programs. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, it is the largest private funder for Canadian kids' media for independent producers, and is one of Shaw Communications' key programs.


The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, promotes, develops and finances the production of Canadian content and relevant applications for all audiovisual media platforms.The CMF receives financial contributions from the Government of Canada and Canada’s cable, satellite and IPTV distributors.