52 pathologies explained to children

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For the whole family

With humour and compassion, each episode looks at the causes of a disease or other health problem.

Li’lDoc informs everyone by entertaining kids and adults!


Li’lDoc and Geeko answer questions from you and your children!
A series for ages 6 to 9 – and beyond!

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TV Serie LilDoc and Tifou
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The characters: Li’lDoc and Geeko


  • A kindly young doctor
  • Friend to children
  • She gives simple explanations for diseases and their symptoms


  • Li’lDoc's assistant
  • A nutty, hypochondriac chameleon
  • Funny and incredibly charming

52 episodes to explain 52 pathologies

Li'lDoc is useful entertainment!

How do you explain otitis, gastroenteritis or even cancer or Alzheimer’s? Li'lDoc guides children and parents toward understanding health problems, whether simple or serious.

“Ask Li'lDoc’” the children’s friend and parent’s helper!