Games for the whole family

Health can be such a fun subject to learn about!

The Li’lDoc mobile app, available on Google Play and the Apple Store, includes 20 fun and instructive games for you and your family to play solo or multiplayer.


Are you looking for educational activities that don’t involve using an electronic device? Li’lDoc offers several activity sheets on healthy lifestyle habits, colouring pages, and a card game. They’re all free!

A mobile app for educating and entertaining



20 interactive educational games with 2 modes!

Solo mode

With 20 mini-games on 3 levels. Unlock as many games as you can and become a Super Doctor!

Multiplayer mode

Have fun and learn what your health is all about with family and friends. Up to 4 players.

Activities and games for family fun!

Discover the world of Li’lDoc, away from any electronic device. Get your little ones moving with our educational activity sheets on health, our deck of cards to cut out, and our colouring pages. You’ll have no shortage of inspiration to keep your children intelligently occupied.

Card game

Continue the adventure with Li’lDoc cards. The goal? To avoid catching the BAD VIRUS at the end of the game. A good time for parents and children and so much fun!

Game: Colouring pages

Printable sheets for your children to colour in the adventures of the intrepid Geeko. A great activity to develop your child’s creativity.

Activity: The rainbow

A sheet created during the pandemic to reassure children, open up dialogue, and share solutions for being supportive and positive despite confinement.

Activity: Musical microbes

Identify cold and flu germs to prevent illness and defend the human body against the evil virus! Ready to get started?

Activity: The hand-washing superheros

With this activity, your child will learn to protect themselves from contagious viruses by practising handwashing with the whole family.

Activity: The cleaning dance

This activity uses music to develop children’s independence while teaching them the importance of staying healthy thanks to good hygiene habits.

Activity: Microbasket

What if you could eliminate those nasty cold and flu viruses with some sport? That’s the promise of this activity: it will get your little ones’ legs and arms moving.

Activity: The 100% prevention mime

Invite your children to do mimes on the theme of colds and flu to raise their awareness of viral infections while developing their imagination.

What parents have to say

A father’s words

“I’ve really enjoyed watching my children learn with fun thanks to Li’lDoc. The pathologies are explained in a serious yet playful way. These low-cost books are a great way of equipping the youngest children to deal with the health problems they experience or are confronted with.”

Dad of Victoria and Noah, aged 8

A mother’s words

“(Li’lDoc’s content) raised (my daughter) Charlie’s awareness and explained to her what a cavity is and why it’s important to brush your teeth. Since then, I haven’t had to fight with her to get her to clean her teeth properly.”

Mom of Charlie, aged 6